But Why Neil? Why No Keto Pills NZ?

Now I am no way saying not to try exogenous ketone supplements, or experience the relative benefits of ketosis. . . I am saying avoid clicking on Facebook & Instagram ads for ketone pills and keto pills NZ. . .

Let me share some insight. Alot of these pills lack the effectiveness that world class ketone supplements offer. And if you are wanting to experience the benefits, and don’t mind paying to get the value – then I am saying do it properly. Get some real ketones. Some that are proven to work. And some that are backed by world class technology and patents. Also, you want to make sure the company that is behind the brand is a reputable one – with a customer service / support structure – so if you run into any problems you can actually make contact with a human being. Just by the number of searches a month in NZ for ketone pills, keto diet pills, and keto pills NZ – I can see that there are some people trying to do their research – which is great.

I have been promoting Pruvit ketones in NZ for about two years now. Pruvit has just launched direct shipping into New Zealand recently – which is making it much easier to get their hands on the best ketone supplements in the world. Over the past two years, I get at least 1 phone call a fortnight, from someone that has searched Google and got my details. I get asked if I sell the keto pills from Facebook.

Within about 15 seconds into the call, I know exactly what has happened. The caller has cicked on an advertisement on social media pimping keto diet pills, and run into some problems.

Their order hasn’t arrived.

They don’t have a tracking number.

They can’t contact the company they purchased from – or don’t even know the company they pruchased from.

They can’t cancel the subscription on their credit card that comes out monthly.

They haven’t experienced the claimed benfits of these keto weight loss pills.

Now I try to help these people out as best as I can. I feel sorry for them. Most of them are not what I would consider tech savvy – you know when you have grown up with the internet, you just know what to click on, and what to avoid. You know what to trust and what not to. It’s a culmination of a bunch of things – you scan the URL, look at what ads are floating around the page etc. . . The sort of stuff I can’t even begin to explain to my mum; like what torrenting is.


So if you are wanting to experience the benefits of ketosis – like weight loss, focus, more energy etc. . . Then first – do some research. Most of the people I talk to think that the ketone pills are just for losing weight. This isn’t exactly correct for any ketone supplements. They get you into a metabolic state called ketosis – which does alot more than just fat loss. There is some information in a post I wrote her on Are Pruvit ketones safe?

Once you have a good understanding of what you are putting into your bdy, and how it will impact it, then make sure you align yourself with the right brand. Look at their website, research, patents, formulas, reviews etc. And make an informed decision. I obviusly hope you land on Pruvit ketones – and if you want an easy way to get started, grab our 5 day experience pack here.



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