Pruvit KETO//OS Now Available In New Zealand

So you’re interested in exogenous ketone supplements by Pruvit and what to know where you can buy them? Pruvit finally launched direct shipping into New Zealand late last year. This means you can now order Pruvit’s products online, through your own account, and take advantage of Pruvit’s free product program. We all love a good discount.

We endeavour to keep this website updated with the latest Pruvit KETO//OS products, and all links take you through to Pruvit’s NZ website so you can order.

Other ways to get started are to purchase a Pruvit 5 day experience pack from us (ships from Wellington), or to jump on the 10 Day Ketone Challenge.

Pruvit has a direct sales model – so you cannot buy Pruvit products in traditional retail environments. Becuase Pruit now ships direct to NZ – there is actually no point purchasing their ketones online from large ecommerce sites – you may as well setup your own account (free) and order direct. Pruvit incentivises this by offering you a discount on regular monthly orders if you will be maintaining a keto-adapted lifestyle. They also throw in a free box every 3 months as an extra bonus.

There is no lock in contract or anything like that – and you can cancel your monthly order, or push it out if you need to. If you have any questions regarding Pruvit ketones, the keto diet, or just want a quick chat – get in touch with us.

Pruvit where to buy – view entire product range here.

Pruvit – where to buy internationally

Pruvit is launching into new counties all the time – currently Pruvit ketones are available to buy in the following 10 countries:

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How do I get free product?

Customers and Promoters can earn free product by simply setting up a SmartShip
order and then referring 2 different Customers who do the same.

You will receive the average of your 2 highest
personally referred Customer orders in the form of Prüvit Bucks.

How do Prüvit Bucks work?

Customers and Promoters can use their Prüvit Bucks on approved products for
one-time and recurring SmartShip orders.
You just pay for the tax and shipping.

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